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From the Desk of: LuLu

Happy [Belated] New Year!!

Happy New Year, Luvlies!!

Can you believe it?! We made it to 2020!! Ooookkkkk, so there aren't any flying cars soaring through the air all weely-neely, but that's not all bad, right?! Look at everything we do have.... like... like... Hmmm... Well, ok yeah. I am kind of bummed about not having a flying car, too. The Jetsons got our hopes up for nuffin'!! So womp womp...

But that brings me to my new year's resolution.... which is "Being grateful for what I already have". The roof over my head, a forever snuggle-buddy, food in the fridge (and snacks in my secret hiding places), as well as a furry friend to love on whenever I want.... or don't want. Rocky tells YOU when you need love, not the other way around.

Being grateful for what I have now is going to help me to not be so pressed about what's to come in the future or WHEN it's going to come. If I know it is going to happen and I have FAITH that it will come to be, then why continue to stress about it? Instead, I'm living for the moment and enjoying all the Lord has already blessed me with, so that whenever my new blessing arrives, it will be an even bigger surprise and I'll be even MORE happier than I already am.

So that's just one of my new year's resolutions... But a pretty important one. I'm gonna try my best to stick with this one.... Hopefully it's a lot easier than sticking with my fitness goals... *eye rolls*

I'm excited for 2020!! I'm excited to see the new places it takes me and the new people I'll get to meet. I'm excited about checking some boxes of my bucket list too! And I most certainly can't wait to start watching my 2019 crafting dreams turn into 2020 Crafting Goals ACHIEVED!! I'm just excited.... And I hope you'll stick around to see what I have up my sleeve...

Alright now... spill the beans....

What are your new year's resolutions?

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